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But while that’s been going on I’ve also been dealing with continued allergies (not fun!!), Alex ended up with a sinus infection which had him home from school for a few days (he went back today, and this mom got to enjoy some quiet before starting work), I also had MAJOR house chores to catch up on after not only the prep for Woodstock but the fair itself (I will have nightmares about the laundry piles!), and within all of that I had to find a chance to rest and recharge at some point (I know how dare I) lol.

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone’s patience and support while I build a new store and get things together so I can make a wonderful online shopping experience for you.

At this point I'm shooting for an October 1st Grand Re-Opening and am well on my way to accomplishing that goal.

I'll try to keep y'all in the loop on my progress and hopefully be able to share some previews soon.

Hope everyone has an awesome night and remember...

<3 Individually we are finite, but together we are infinite. <3