About Us


Hi!  My name is Kristin, my husband’s name is Tom, and our son’s name is Alex.  Change the “T” and the “A” and you get “KAT”.  😊

Tom and I have been married since 2007 and have one (not so little anymore) guy who also happened to be born in 2007.  (Tom and I had one of those love at first sight, hit by the thunderbolt, whirlwind types of romances.)  In 2008 we hit some hard times both personally and financially.  We decided we didn’t want someone else controlling our financial fate and began the plan of working for ourselves.      

So, in late 2008 we started our first business on eBay selling cookbooks and never looked back.  We found we make an excellent team and enjoy every minute we spend working together.  Along with the added benefit of setting our schedule and both being home to raise our son. 

We kept our business strictly online and had great success but in 2012 we realized the area we lived in wasn’t conducive to Alex’s education, he’d been diagnosed with ASD that same year and where we lived couldn’t provide him the services he’d need to succeed.  In the fall of 2012, we relocated to East Longmeadow. 

Since 2008 our original business evolved and changed then in 2013, we took over a Small Engine Repair shop, Tom's trade, until November 2018 when we decided to close the shop and move from MA to FL.

After that move we honestly didn’t think we’d run a business again, we’d gotten a bit burnt out, but after Tom tried to go back to working for somebody else, we both realized working together and running a business is what we love to do.

We gave it a lot of thought and decided to take our new business in a completely different direction and Kat’s Unique Creations was born.  We both agreed a handmade craft business would be a great fit because we are both creative and this gives us an outlet for that.  We started doing some craft fairs in FL and loved how we could connect with our customers rather then just running our business online like we had in the past.

Unfortunately, our business, like so many others, was struck down in 2020.  We had decided FL wasn’t for us and moved back to MA just before everything hit the fan.  But with craft fairs shut down and the financial toll the move took we had no choice but to shut Kat’s Unique Creations virtual doors while simultaneously reopening our small engine shop.  Thankfully a lot of our past customers returned, and we were able to do ok during a really difficult time.

Fast forward to mid-2021 when things began to slowly return to a somewhat version of normal, we decided to try and revive Kat’s Unique Creations.  It took a lot of time and a lot of planning but finally here we are!  We’re excited to be back to being creative and hand-making quality products while putting our 10+ years of customer service experience to work to provide you with the best experience possible.

We absolutely love making our own products as well as working with our customers to create a completely custom product.  We’ll take your vision and breathe life into it, contact us so we can make something beautiful just for you.