Etched Canvas Photo Tips

Sending us a high-quality image is the most important part in the order process so you receive an etched canvas that captures your special moment beautifully.


Tip One

Send the original full size image. If you have a small thumbnail image it will be blurry when enlarged and there is nothing we can do to fix the blurry look of a small, low-resolution photo.


Tip Two

Zoom In and look at what you’re sending us. Sometimes an image looks nice on a small phone screen, but when you view it on a regular monitor you can see that it really isn’t in focus.


Tip Three

If you’re deciding between images, email them to us. We’ll look at them and let you know which one would make the best engraving.


Tip Four

If you’re taking a picture of a picture: try taking it from different angles in different rooms and different lighting. Check for glare spots, reflections, and shadows. We can only do so much to edit an image with the shape of a hand holding a phone in the middle of the photo.


Tip Five

If you need scan the photo you want to use, scan it at the highest resolution possible.  We recommend at least 300DPI.  The higher the resolution the better the photo will engrave. 


Tip Six

Don’t send us an edited image, leave the editing to us.